Thank you for stopping by. Here is a little about me: 

I am a Jesus follower. As a young man I came into a relationship with God through his son Jesus, and it has changed my life. Jesus is the example of true humanity, and God the Father's intent for our lives as well. He has changed my life, and I want to introduce as many people to him that I can. 

I am a husband and a father. I have been blessed to be married to the woman of my dreams and have a family with her. With three boys and one girl, life is constantly moving, never boring, and full of joy. 

I am a pastor. Following a calling from God, I had the opportunity to plant a church and grow in Christ with a family of faith. Nehemiah Project Church is a family attempting to Love God, Love Others, and Follow Jesus, and I am having a blast leading them into this journey. Find out more at and join our movement. 

I am a thinker and a writer. I love to read, love to think, love to write, and love to share in ideas. I pray this site adds to the discussion and I welcome your thoughts as well.