Radical Love

The Love of God is not a nice greeting card that brings good feelings and warm fuzzies. It is the darkness breaking, world changing, barrier smashing, people renewing, plan of God to set all things right again. It can not be limited to our theological boxes, dogmas, or denominations. It is on the move, and it moves us if we allow it to. 

This last week we began a new series on the Radical Love of God. Radical by definition is "relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far reaching or thorough." God's love is changing the fundamental nature of all of the cosmos, us included, renewing us  and all things to what they were created to be in the beginning. Over the next few weeks we will be looking at how this love is moving....it is moving to offer radical acceptance, radical renewal, building a radical foundation, and offering a radical invitation to a broken world. 

As transformative as this love is, it has to be accepted. Many times we don't accept it because we feel like we can't be accepted. We see our brokenness, our sin, our mistakes, and we don't allow his love to wrap us in. We keep the love of God at arms length, relying instead on other things to try and bring new life. We try to be more religious, more disciplined, work harder, gain more knowledge and yet we are over and over again we find these things don't bring real life. Real life comes from realizing that the Radical Love of God accepts us...just as we are. 

Jesus accepted the unacceptable woman at the well. She was culturally and religiously "untouchable" yet Jesus and his love broke every barrier to tell her that she was loved. When she accepted this her life was changed, and the life of a whole community was changed. That is what this Radical Love of Jesus does. But we must accept that it accepts us. When we do, it will not only transform us but the world around us. 

Let's open our hearts to the realization that we are truly accepted by the love of God. Not because of our religious activity, our moral activities, or our hard work....but because of his amazing love. 

I have a challenge for you this week: Sit with God for five minutes, not to accomplish some religious activity or devotional requirement, but just sit and allow him to love on you. Ask him to clear your mind and help you hear what he is saying about you. Find a place free from distraction and allow God to whisper love into your heart. Find that the creator of the universe is your Father, and he is deeply in love with you...and accept that you are accepted RIGHT NOW! 

Lets go further into his love,